Lost and lucky in the city

Thursday, April 25, 2013

First Impressions

It is officially my third day in Chicago.  I know New York, I know San Francisco, but Chicago is different.  First impression, everything is so spread out.  Accomplishing any small errand requires a bus ride, a train ride or very comfy walking shoes at best.  On the bright side, getting to whatever far flung destination does involve passing various ethnic stores and restaurants that represent every continent, all within the same neighborhood.

The diversity of my tight-knit neighborhood, as well as that of the other neighborhoods I've explored, surprised me.  In New York you can find anything, but sometimes you have to go out of your way for it - sometimes you even have to go all the way to Queens. Not that I don't love going Greek in Astoria - but still.  In Andersonville, a neighborhood originally founded by Swedes, I just picked up some much loved Persian tea before checking out the Swedish grocery next store.  Just down the street you can find a soul food restaurant, an Irish pub, a Lebanese bakery and at least three different kinds of Asian food.

So maybe getting from neighborhood to neighborhood is a bit of a marathon, but with each neighborhood having such an interesting array of places to check out - I see why Chicago is the city of neighborhoods.