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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fancy Fast Food at DMK Burger Bar

Mary's Hamburgers, Andersonville, has held supreme as my go-to when nothing will work but a really juicy burger and a beer. Venturing out of the neighborhood, the boyfriend and I tried DMK Burger Bar. 

Entered the dimly lit restaurant and bar, roomy enough to walk with well-made wood furniture complimenting the neat, modern attitude, a calm hum and immediate service showed us to our table.
 The server repeatedly checked-in, explained the menu (a concept all it's own), while we made important decisions regarding beer and burgers.
The boyfriend ordered the #3 NY Pastrami style burger including sauerkraut, gruyere and remoulade sauce.  Me the #5 Bison burger (hell ya, bison!) with blueberry BBQ sauce, goat cheese and pickled red onions.  Split large sweet potato fries with spicy aioli.

Patties were far too thin for any real variation in temperature besides medium too medium well.
The stand out, not in a good way, was the dressing smeared on each burger equivalent to a careless McDonald's style smear that covers an awkward half section of the patty. Buns were thin, fresh and did the job. 

#3 was good, not memorable, good.  Time-tested flavors were balanced as expected.  All parts were well-made with decent flavor.  No surprises.

#5 was a let down (why bison why?).  Excellent concept, poor execution. Parts with goat cheese were overwhelmed and parts without it needed it. Cooks forgot to add the blueberry to the BBQ blueberry sauce apparently. Pickled red onion was scarce.

Best bites, crispy sweet potato fries.  Aioli had a kick, and large portion was truly large.

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